We understand that our performance has directly linked to the quality and type of our members. The attributes we look for in our lawyers include strong initiative, good academic record, skills, interest in the practice areas of the firm, commitment and ambition.strict adherence to values of the firm and hard work are other attributes that forms backbone of our selection process..


You should be a person with 9 to 12 years of experience. You should be an experienced lawyer/ professional with a vision, leadership ability, compassion and ability to steer the firm to the next higher altitude.

Junior Partners

You should have 7 to 9 years of experience and specialization in at least one of the core practice areas of the firm. You should be a legally proficient, excellent in handling matters and will be involved in your community and profession in a way that reflects well on yourself and the firm. You should contribute to a positive atmosphere in the office, think like an owner rather than an employee and willing to invest your energy and your ideas in the future of the firm, client development etc.

Senior Associates

You should have at least 5 to 7 years of experience and have gravitated to one of the areas of specialization. You should be dedicated, responsible, hardworking, have ability to handle matters independently and should invest time in training and mentoring your juniors. You should have a strong team spirit and respect for colleagues and staff.


As a new associate you will be exposed to all our practice areas without any hierarchy. You will be given enough exposure to gravitate over a period of time and specialize in the areas of your interest.

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