Intellectual Property

This is one of the fastest growing fields in India specially after the signing of GATT. With the revolution of information technology, a multitude of problems has cropped up that demand immediate legal assistance.We realize that Intellectual Property Rights are important in today's technology driven age.

We are one of the growing intellectual property law firms in India. Our law firm specializes in the Intellectual Property (IP) laws in India. Our law firm provides a variety of Intellectual Property services in the fields of Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Design, Trade Secrets, Geographical Indication, Data Protection, etc. Our law firm conducts IP due diligence and IP audits for companies going for acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures. The practice areas of our law firm broadly include the following:

  • Trade Mark
  • Patent
  • Copyright
  • Designs & Trade Secrets
  • Geographical Indications
  • Licencing& Franchising