Our services in this area are as follows:

  • Counseling on establishment of large retail enterprises
  • Counseling on the potential risks
  • Due diligence of retail projects
  • Participating in commercial negotiations
  • Drafting franchise, leasing and licensing agreements, retailer agreements, C&F Agent agreements, Public Relation Agency agreements, Consultancy agreements, branding and co-branding agreement, etc.
  • Drafting merger and acquisitions agreements, joint venture agreements
  • All IPR related works including registration of trademark and patent for the companies, drafting licensing and assignment agreements for trademark and patents
  • Obtaining bar codes, IEC (Import-Export codes), obtaining approvals under Food Security Act, Packaging of Commodities Rules, 1977, Food Adulteration Act, regulations for import and export of commodities, labeling and packaging of products etc.
  • Due Diligence for appointment of agents and distributors
  • Protection of brands, conducting IP due diligence
  • Compliance with tax laws and regulations
  • Compliance with labour and employment laws and regulations
  • Assist with acquisitions, zoning/land use, corporate, construction and litigation matters (such as products liability cases brought against retailers)
  • FDI and Customs laws
  • Consumer protection, etc